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Mole Removal - Diathermy

Moles, skin tags and keratosis are removed using a 'diathermy' procedure - the diathermy ensures a pain free, quick procedure and reduces the risk of scarring.

A small injection of local anaesthetic is given to the base of the lesion to numb the area. A diathermy probe is then used to shave off and remove the lesion and cauterise the wound bed. The cautery causes the skin to become light brown in colour and form a small scab.  Once healed, the scab will come away, leaving a pink mark where the lesion once was. The pink pigmentation of the skin will become lighter as the skin matures and heals.

Scar management is then advised 2 weeks post treatment - this is explained in detail during your consultation.

Prices start at £99, depending on the size of the lesion and the length of procedure.

All clients MUST have seen their GP for a mole check prior to attending clinic, in order to confirm the GP is happy for the mole/lesion to be removed.

Please telephone or email us if you would like more information on this treatment

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