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Permanent Make-Up

We are pleased to introduce
Ruth Carter
Professional Permanent Make-Up Specialist
with 25 years experience in the hair & beauty industry

Permanent Make-Up is a treatment that will enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips to give you the look and finish of perfectly applied make-up which can be applied as dramatic
or soft & natural as you require.

This is achieved by infusing hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin where the pigment will remain, gradually fading over a period of time.

Permanent cosmetic enhancement is ideal for a number of reasons, from the busy person who wants to look her best at all times with the minimum of effort to people who have make-up allergies.

For permanent, perfect results
permanent make-up is the way forward.

Eyebrow Enhancements

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face. They also play a big part in your facial expression and symmetry.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can be achieved to frame the eyes giving the appearance of a youthful look and opening up the eye area.

This procedure is very popular with people who are continually using an eyebrow pencil to perfect their shape as a result of over plucking or sparse or missing eyebrows. This is also good for people who have very pale or natural colour eyebrows.

It is also a popular anti-ageing treatment as this can be used to improve the appearance of dropped eyebrows. The eye area will be lifted and opened.

With permanent cosmetic enhancement there are two ways of achieving natural looking eyebrows:-

Perfect Brows - Colour Mist

This procedure will give the impression of a shadow of colour, an effect similar to a pencil or eyebrow powder.

It is suited for the client that is looking for the perfect eyebrow shape. Also for the client with pale eyebrows as it will give the impression of a soft definition underneath their own natural hair growth.

Note that brows appear darker immediately after treatment, but, once healed, blend in naturally.

Perfect Brows - Hair by Simulation
The eyebrow enhancement that gives the impression of very fine hair strokes. The perfect solution for the client that has no or very sparse hair growth in the eyebrow area.

Eye Enhancements

Beautiful eyes permanently. There are many advantages to having this procedure done. It will enhance your appearance, it will suit your busy life style and it will not rub off or smudge or smear. It is also ideal for sensitive eyes, people with allergies to makeup or ailments such as hay fever and people who wear glasses and can't see properly to apply normal makeup.
The permanent enhancements to choose from are as follows:-

Stunning Eyes - Subtle Lash Line Definer
This will be dotted through your lash line. It will give the impression of thicker eye lashes. This is ideal for the client that does not want the eye liner look but wants more eye lash definition.

Stunning Eyes - Fine Eye Liner
This will be shaded through the eye lashes to create a precise, fine line with the line on the top lid being applied a slightly darker shade to the bottom lid. This will give a perfect finish.

Stunning Eyes - Thick Eye Liner
This effect is to create a wider contour. The upper lid will be classically thicker on the outer edge and will taper in towards the inner eye on the lower lid it will be shaped through becoming softer towards the nose.

Lip Enhancements

For most people being able to achieve the perfect shaped lips with lip pencil and lipstick can be a very tiresome and time consuming process to go through time after time, each and every day. A lot of people are now realising that with permanent lip enhancement you will be free from this daily ritual. What can be achieved is to perfect your lip shape, also to define the lip line and enhance your natural lip colour. This procedure is still very popular with the lip gloss and lip stick connoisseurs as they will still be able to wear their favourite lip cosmetics but with the pleasure factor that the perfect enhancement is always there and without their lip cosmetics they will never be bare again.

The permanent lip enhancements are as follows:-

Luscious Lips - Barely There Lip Line Definer
This is a discreet enhancement that defines the natural lip contour and will be done in a very soft tone that will be similar to your own lip colour.

Luscious Lips - Impact Lip Line Definer
This will define your lip contour but can also extend the natural contour and will give definition and fullness. This will give the look of a makeup lip line.

Luscious Lips - Lip Blush

This will define and can extend your natural lip contour to give definition and fullness complimented by shading that will be blended towards the inner part of the lip.

This treatment can also be used as an anti-aging effect on clients that have lost their fullness and natural colour.

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