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Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are tiny veins just under the skin that have become dilated.

Thread veins usually occur on the legs. They tend to run in families, commonly appear in pregnancy (thought to be due to the high levels of oestrogen) and are more common with increasing age. Being overweight and smoking also seem to increase the likelihood of developing them.

To reduce the appearance of thread veins we use a substance called Fibro-Vein®.

When injected Fibro-Vein breaks down the lining of the vein and causes the blood to stick to the damaged wall. The blood forms a large clot which blocks the vein. The body then breaks down the clotted blood leaving behind a fibrous cord resulting in complete obliteration of the vein.

Following treatment the veins will initially appear darker but will become lighter as it heals. This can take up to three weeks or more depending on the individual.

Compression stockings should be worn following Fibro-Vein treatment to the legs. Compression of the vein will help speed up the healing process.

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