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Electrolysis Questions & Answers

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the body permanently. Regardless of the cause – heredity, metabolic or hormonal conditions – electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair to reveal a glowing, confident you.

Electrolysis treats each hair individually with a very fine, disposable, sterile probe, usually the size of the hair being treated. The probe is inserted into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin, then a very small amount of energy is discharged into the hair follicle which destroys the growth centre of the hair using heat (thermolysis), chemical (galvanic) or both blend.

Electrolysis is the ONLY  method for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL, which means your hair will not grow back after the completion of your treatment plan.

Most areas of the body can be treated using electrolysis, apart from the inside of the nose and inner ear. Areas commonly treated include top lip, chin, neck, cheeks, breasts, bikini line, legs, eyebrows and underarms.

Laser usually treats large areas of skin using a laser (Alexandrite/YAG) or light based (IPL) lamp which can reduce hair growth but does not remove hairs permanently. Laser hair removal only works if the hair is darker than the persons skin colour, therefore generally it will not work on very blonde or white hair, whereas electrolysis can be used to treat all hair colours.

Now this really depends on the individual’s pain threshold, most clients find electrolysis tolerable. If you were to find it uncomfortable then we have numbing cream to make it more bearable for you or we would opt for shorter sessions. The modern electrolysis machines that we use have a flash modality meaning the zap from the heat current is extremely quick which makes the procedure so much easier for the client to go through and also means less reaction to the skin.
Permanent hair removal with electrolysis requires a longer course of treatments than laser with but results in complete and permanent removal of the hair.

Electrolysis is the only form of hair removal that is 100% permanent, so while it may seem like a big investment of your time and money, there is a very satisfying finish line! Unlike any other method of hair removal that you will be doing for the rest of your life. Waxing, plucking and threading actually make the hair growth worse because when you pull the hair from the root the body interprets this as though the follicle is under attack and will then work to build up the follicle and make it stronger thus producing thicker and stronger hairs – just the opposite of what you want to happen.

Many factors influence hair growth so the length of each appointment and the number of treatments needed will vary from person to person. The overall time that the treatment will take can depend on hair density, hair texture, the area being treated, any previous hair removal treatments that have been used and how well the skin heals between treatments. All of these things will be determined at a thorough and empathic consultation before the treatment is started.
It is worth investing in electrolysis because it is a permanent method of hair removal and each hair follicle is treated individually in order to destroy it. But it must be borne in mind that even when we destroy the hair follicles that we see there remain other, dormant follicles under the skin that will grow and that hair does not grow all at the same time and that you will need to have every hair treated. So it’s a bit of a waiting game which is why we advise that a course of electrolysis can take up to one or two years but as the course of treatments progress the frequency of your bookings and the length of the treatments will decrease.

Electrolysis has been around since 1875, although with today’s modern machines and techniques it has definitely improved since then!
It is a completely safe procedure.
Our clinic was founded with the use of electrolysis and it’s still at the heart of our business today.

When done correctly electrolysis does not damage the skin.
During your consultation we will go through with you every aspect of the treatment along with aftercare procedures, this will ensure that you not only know what to expect but also how to take care of your skin after your treatment.

Permanent hair removal using electrolysis has come a long way since its beginnings in 1875. Today’s computer technology enables the electrologist to work with more speed and comfort. Epilators are much quicker now, with electrical current timings of thousandths of a second, than the longer electrical current applications of the past. Plus, intensity settings can now be modulated to varying proportions. The instruments and equipment used in a contemporary electrologist’s office are just part of the changes that have occurred in the electrolysis industry.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.